Alternatino with Arturo Castro

As actor Jorge Morales, recalling his day on "Entourage."

The Human Trap

Our take on a scene from an episode of "Naked City," NYC's greatest episodic. Directed by Rob McCaskill.

Drama Reel

My drama reel features clips from projects I worked on between 2009 and 2015: "Madam Secretary," "Spare Change," "Congratulations, Mr. Gonzalez," "Going Under" and "The Human Trap."

Silk commercial

A Web ad for Silk products, featuring me in mock-Shakespearean mode.

The Deuce

As a Doorman (sort of) in the episode "We're All Beasts."

Comedy reel

My comedy reel features clips shot between 2009 and 2014 from "For Training Purposes," "Congratulations, Mr. Gonzalez," "Below The Line" (Harem Scarem), "Disgruntled In Brooklyn,", "The Talk" and "The Dinner Guest."


Prosecuting Attorney

Addressing the jury.

The No-Name Cinema Society

I'm one of three movie fanatics, discussing the films of 1942.  Watch this!  It's fun.

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